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Work With Me

Drawing upon my extensive education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in conjunction with my professional background as a registered nurse and personal-life experience – I work with clients to consider both nutritional and lifestyle changes that will promote real, positive, and lasting results.


I value the uniqueness of each of my clients and will work with you to find methods that resonate with you.  We will go beyond food, seeking to bring a better balance into many important areas of your life. 


I provide guidance and support along the way, but work with clients to empower them to take the reins of their own health and wellness!

“Elizabeth's sensible approach to age old issues made a difference and got me thinking about my health not just my weight.  My thought process was transformed both my health and weight followed."  –Eric

"I feel so proud to cook healthy meals for my family.  My kids are eating so many different veggies now, and a variety of other things I never thought they would try."  - Maria

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