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My Journey

While what you eat doesn't necessarily define you, it can certainly shape your habits and well-being.


During my childhood, I ate what many term the "Standard American Diet" (aka SAD).  It consisted of a steady amount of sugar (think Frosted Flakes, white bread, and pasta), take-out, and processed foods (including TV dinners).  When I ventured off to college and made similar choices, I gained the infamous "freshman fifteen".  Even after I graduated and became a full- time registered nurse, I continued to make poor food choices.  Combined with lack of sleep and the stress of a new job, I was completely out of balance both mentally and physically.  It was during this time that I trained and completed my first marathon despite the fact that I weighed the most I ever had and my energy was at its lowest.  Fortunately, over time, I began to rebalance myself.  I moved to the city (goodbye commute!), prioritized sleep, added some veggies and fruits into my diet, became more confident in my career, and was enjoying my social life. 


In my late thirties, I became a first-time mother and experienced postpartum depression.  On top of that, my daughter was colicky and had a milk allergy. Since I was breastfeeding, I removed dairy from my diet and that was a challenge.  I struggled to find alternatives to sustain my appetite and this led me to consume a 400 calorie vegan cookie every day! I began to experience a similar imbalance to my earlier years; however, this time my body was at its lowest weight.  I was feeding my body sugar to keep it going, instead of nourishing it with what it really needed!

When my daughter developed both eczema and regular constipation, I started questioning the impact of her diet on her well-being.  The link between food and health became crystal clear months later when my son was born.  He also experienced food sensitivities that led to eczema, frequent ear infections, and irritability.  I knew I had to make some changes.  By prioritizing what my family ate, I started seeing changes not only in my children but also in myself and my husband.  Win-win!

Five years later, and one month short of this mama turning 42, we welcomed our third child into the world!  I attribute the relative ease of getting pregnant and having my easiest pregnancy (compared with the previous two) directly to the food and lifestyle changes I made!

While food most definitely contributes to overall health, other lifestyle choices such as sleep, meditation, consistent movement that you love, friendships, and fun are just as essential to your well-being.


My passion to fuel my own family's wellness led me back to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I received my Health Coach Certification.  This education, along with the tools I've learned from my own personal and professional experience, have helped me navigate my 40's in a much healthier way.  Life is full of challenges and I am so grateful for taking this path!


It would be an honor to discuss your health situation and challenges, share what I have learned, and help guide you on your journey to wellness!!


Schedule a free consultation with me today!


Wishing you wellness, 



"After completing a 2 week food plan with Elizabeth, I lost weight and did not feel as full and bloated.  It helped me to realize I was overeating.  I have been able to make some lasting changes."
– Mark

"I was not sure I would be able to eliminate certain foods and sugar from my diet.  With Elizabeth’s support I was successful. I feel better in my body, and I feel good about my new food choices." –Danielle

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