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I just finished up a twenty-year career as a pediatric oncology nurse, this fall (September) is pediatric cancer awareness month.  A portion of my fall detox proceeds will go to One Mission.  This is a tribute to all of my patients and families who taught me some of life's greatest lessons!


This cleanse will also be available, free of charge, to any parent, whose child is or has gone through cancer treatment.   For more information go to:


Every season our bodies need some good lovin’ and detoxing is the best way to do so effectively and safely. You may have been gaining some weight, having headaches, feeling sluggish, and/or you may be getting sick more often than usual.


Your body is in overdrive because of all the toxins it is storing. It’s time to get rid of them!


There are many people out there right now facing the overwhelming task of getting back their health: in the form of taking pills, or following the latest fad diet. And in the end, they are burnt out – souled out.

Detoxing your body at least 4 times a year supports a
healthy body for a lifetime!

Are you ready to refresh, revitalize and renew yourself
all the while ditching harmful toxins?

Are you ready to change the way you fuel your
body to look and feel your best?


Regain the energy to pursue the things in your life you’ve always dreamed of!


My Fall Detox Program will help you decrease inflammation, lose weight, and decrease joint pain and stiffness. It’s time to detox your body and regain your active and balanced lifestyle.

But detox is something that you should not do alone. That’s why I’ve got your back throughout the whole process. You will clearly gain the understanding on how the detox works, and how to practice this super beneficial method safely.


Many people who have joined my detoxes have seen the following benefits:

  • Clearer skin, stronger nails, and shiner hair.

  • Better Sleep

  • Stronger Sex Drive

  • Fading Anxiety

  • Mental Clarity

  • More Energy

  • Weight Loss



So, what is this fall detox all about?


This is a delicious adventure of discovery while releasing what’s no longer serving you. When you finally learn to let go of all the toxicity that is causing havoc in your life, you can access the incredible freedom of both body and mind. Besides, who doesn’t want to look and feel their greatest right now?


You’ll receive all of these life-changing goodies as part of your program:


  • The Fall Detox Guide. This 33 Page, 6446 Word guide gives you the tools you need to detox and cleanse! We are diving deep into supporting the body through colon cleansing (totally optional), and this seasons detox is grain-free to fully support the body at the deepest level of detoxing possible. The guide breaks the entire process of detoxing and cleansing down into bite-sized and digestible chunks. You will learn to detox inside and out, letting go of foods, habits, and emotional stressors that are not serving you.

  • A VEGETARIAN OR OMNIVORE FALL DETOX RECIPE GUIDE, YES TWO RECIPE GUIDE TYPES – YOUR CHOICE (you get both)! This comprehensive guide contains 49 brand-new, seasonal, grain-free delicious recipes. It is an amazing resource for every day of the detox, with seasonal detox food options to give you the flexibility you need to stay on track and satiated.

  • Suggested Meals & Shopping List for 14 Days:  I will take the guesswork out of hectic things like meals and groceries! No more anxiety!

  • A 14-Day At A Glance of Suggested Meals – You will love the ease of seeing all 14 days of suggested meals clearly laid out, making it easy for you to use your meal suggestions and shopping lists. Just print it out!

  • Personal Food Diary

  • Detox Cheat Sheet Handout

  • And so much more!

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Your program consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1 Prep (October 11-14) This is where you will start to reduce some foods, read through your materials, and prep!

Phase 2 Detox (October 15-21) You will be eating whole-food, nutrient-dense meals that will support your body’s organs during the detox!

Phase 3 Transition (October 22-28) You will be adding potential triggering foods back into your diet to see if your body is sensitive to those foods!



This is available to you for



What makes this program different?


This program is unlike any others. It’s not a diet- so there’s no one telling you what to eat, no calorie counting, and no hunger. Instead, it’s all about listening to your body.  You will be nourishing your body by eating whole-foods!


There are no pills, powders, or shakes as part of this program. That means you don’t have to buy any fancy supplements to make it work. You can find everything you need at your local grocery or health food store.


Hear what one of our students had to say after our last detox program! 

"As a "non - detoxer" I am amazed at how much I loved this program! This was eye opening- my body thanks you!!"  

This program is a good fit for you if…


  • You’re ready to ditch the diet and figure out what works for you

  • You’re ready to say farewell to the clingy pounds that keep following you around

  • You want more energy, so you can enjoy your life more without feeling exhausted

  • You want to look and feel younger

  • You want to jumpstart your metabolism

  • You want to balance your blood sugar and kick cravings to the curb

  • You’re busy and want quick, easy tools & recipes that work without causing overwhelm

  • You want to fit into your favorite jeans again!


Sound like you?

Then sign up for my Fall Detox Program

A healthy, balanced, and happy body is waiting for you
 right around the corner!



Can I exchange the meals on a specific day for another recipe in the Recipe Guide?

Yes, you can refer to your Recipe Guide and exchange meals. You do not have to stick to the exact menu in the Suggested Meals.


I’m on a budget. Can I still do this detox?

Absolutely! I pride myself on not pushing expensive powders or meal replacements. The idea is to detox naturally with whole foods.

To eat healthily in a cost-effective way, look for a local CSA or farmer’s market, shop at Trader Joe’s or Costco, or buy food online. Frozen organic produce can also be good value for your money.

I am nursing. Can I still follow the detox?

Yes, you can do this program while breastfeeding, but you will add in extra high-quality protein (animal or plant based) at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Can I still work out?

Yes, you can still exercise if you feel up to it. Some people have a spurt of energy while detoxing, which I call the detox high. Others prefer to take it easy while they detox and benefit more from light stretching.

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